We are Local Agents & Previous Home Builders

 As local real estate agents and former custom/spec home builders, we are currently working with many medium to large size builders that have multiple sub-divisions throughout the greater Treasure Valley. They include developments in Eagle, Meridian, Kuna, Star, Middleton, Caldwell and Nampa. With fully customized, new built homes starting at under $300,000, you can get the exact house and location you are looking for. The typical build time from contract to completion ranges by builder but can be in as little as 6 months or up to 12 months. This is a great way to lock in your new home yet give you time in California to sell your house, get things in order and get ready for relocating. 


Lock In Today's Pricing and Build Equity During Your Construction


By doing a custom built home it allows you to lock in today's current pricing without having any price increases during the build process. Several of our custom builders had 7-8 price increases on their base model floor plans throughout 2019. By doing a custom build you could see a potential 3-8+% in price appreciation on your new home prior to even moving in and without having made any house payments, just the small deposit at the start.


Simple Process - No Need to be here during the Construction

When you custom build your home, you start by choosing the sub-division that fits your family’s needs. Some sub-divisions have multiple builders and some have just a single builder. You then pick your floor plan and the lot you want to put that floor plan on.   Most builders only require you to be here for 1-2 meetings during the whole process. The first is your visit here when you are picking the lot, floor plan, etc. From that point, some builders would have you come back 6-8 weeks later to pick out all the custom exterior and interior features for your house. Some builders have a system where you can do this online without being here in person. 


Financing and Small Deposit

 Once the design is completed you are required to put a small deposit on the project. This deposit varies but usually is between $2,000 - $10,000 depending on builder and location.  You would also need to qualify for the home loan or have proof of funds for the purchase.  That is the only money you put into the project unless you choose to do a large amount of upgrades.  No monthly payments are required until the house is completed, you close escrow and move in. This is not a construction loan. This is a standard conventional house purchase loan and you are buying the finished home on the lot from the builder. 


Give us a Call to Discuss in Detail

 There is only so much of this information we can write about. The best way to get more information and find out if this is a fit for you and your relocation plan is to give us a call. Call Derek at 530-308-3166. See some quotes below from fellow Californian’s that went through this process of having a new house built here while still in CA with us assisting.


T.B., San Jose, CA

Derek and Jennifer were so amazing in helping us find our IdaHOME!  They took us through the Treasure Valley and walked through many houses to narrow down which city we wanted to be in, which subdivision we wanted to live and which builder we wanted to build with. From finding us a house that was off market but in the foundation phase (which was perfect for the time frame we were looking for) we were still able to make the changes we wanted to the layout and pick the finishes we desired. They were on top of our build process and made sure changes that we added were completed all while we were still in San Jose. Being able to lock in prices months before we moved meant that we already accrued extra equity! My husband and I were just saying that this was the smoothest process. Thank you for everything you did Derek and Jennifer.